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If you have a white shirt, you are probably painfully aware of how easy it is for the shirt to get dirty, and somehow even more easily, stained. This can be extremely frustrating because there is nothing better than a crisp, white shirt that seems to shine in the sunlight. You know the feeling — you throw on a new white shirt and nearly immediately, there is something on the front. Or, the shirt that you’ve had for a while is starting to develop a color around the ring. Maybe it’s yellow from sweat and oil, or maybe it’s orange and brown from your makeup. Whatever the reason for the stain is, the feeling of hopelessness is always the same. Why won’t your white shirt collars just stay white? There are countless ways to get stains out of white shirt collars, keep reading to find them out! And for stain prevention, order your PristineCollars stain prevention product today!  Designed specifically for your White Collars and the sensitivity of being against your skin.

Avoid Multiple Wears

While wearing your favorite white-collared shirt multiple days in a row seems like an appealing option, especially if you only have one and you loathe laundry day. It’s not the best thing, however, for your dress shirt in the long run. Wearing a dress shirt, especially a white dress shirt, more than once without washing it can set in any dirt and oil from the previous wearing, ensuring permanent stains. The collar may look clean after the first wear, but the body heat from the second wear will surely do some damage. 

Consider Your Hygiene

While you most likely don’t need someone telling you how to properly take care of your hygiene — and trust us, we aren’t here to tell you either — it is crucial for you to get as much sweat and dirt off of your neck, whether you are in the shower or going about your day. Think about the following as ways to keep your collar clean:

  • Use sponges or washcloths on your neck in the shower 
  • Apply baby powder to your neck once out of the shower
  • If you use lotion, wipe your neck before you put your shirt on
  • Wipe your neck with body wipes throughout the day

Assess the Issue Before It Becomes Long-Standing

Chances are you’re probably going to take action once you notice some discoloration beginning to occur. At this point, it is important to begin a treatment plan as soon as possible by treating the shirt with any stain remover before throwing it in your hamper or in the washing machine. There are tons of stain removers that you can find pretty much anywhere. They come in sprays, liquids, and powders, and all work with the same goal in mind: to remove stains from your white collar. You must be careful to find a stain remover that is specific to white shirts, applying the stain remover according to the instruction on the packaging. Enzymatic products, however, work particularly well on protein stains, like eggs and blood.  

Treating Long-Standing Rings Around the Collar

Maybe you’ve disregarded the building stain, or maybe you simply didn’t notice until the stain was fully set in. Either way, there’s still hope for your white collar. In this case, it is good to soak your shirt in a stain treatment, like powdered OxiClean. Soak your shirt for a couple of hours before laundering them as usual. Your collar will come out looking significantly better. Because the stain is set in, don’t be surprised if you need to repeat this action again sometime in the future. 

Prevent Stains From Happening With PristineCollars

You treat the problem before it’s a problem, and it’s never a problem! Just like a household appliance, or your car for that matter, regular maintenance ensures that nothing goes wrong. The same goes for your white shirt or collar. By using PristineCollars on a regular basis, you are ensuring that your white shirt will stay white and doesn’t begin to reflect the length of time you’ve had it. You can even use PristineCollars on the cuffs, pockets, and armpits of your favorite white shirts. These can be problem areas, and will easily pick up any sweat, body oil, or makeup on your skin. One of the best ways to remove stains from your shirt collar is to prevent them from happening.

Try PristineCollars, the best stain prevention product on the market, today that was designed specifically for your White Collars and the sensitivity of being against your skin! For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today!