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Press Release


Keeping YOUR WHITE Collars Looking WHITE (April 2020)



First Spray Ever to Protect Your White Collars Hits the Market!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (April 2020)


PristineCollars is the only product on the market today ‘specifically’ designed to protect your WHITE Collars. It is a preventative product that is sprayed on the collar prior to wearing the shirt. This protective barrier helps prevent yellowing of the collar from perspiration, also protects the collars from make-up, oil, spills, sunscreen, and more. PristineCollars is the secret sauce to your “Great White Shirt Collection”.  WHY? Because it protects and prolongs the life of your Great White Shirt!

PristineCollars was developed as a result of the owner having issues with yellowing on his white shirt collars. His Dry Cleaner explained that once the stain has ‘penetrated’ the fibers of the fabric, it is practically impossible to remove with popular cleaning products without seriously compromising the integrity of the fabric. They further explained that the stain works as a dye and changes the color of the fiber in the fabric. Instead of treating the stain after the fact, now you can prevent the stain from happening in the first place while prolonging the life of your shirts.  See how PristineCollars works:

PristineCollars is 100% non-toxic, bio-degradable, eco-friendly and uses BOV technology for packaging while being manufactured here in the USA and distributed out of sunny Florida.

“Keeping Your WHITE Collars Looking WHITE is our Business”