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Subscription & Cancellation

1.1 Recurring Subscription; Automatic Renewal


PristineCollars will automatically renew your Subscription and charge your Payment Method depending on the Subscription and/or Box shipping frequency chosen by you and, as authorized by you by agreeing to the automatic renewal of your Subscription during the Member sign-up process.

Your Payment Method will be charged at least one full business day prior to your next Box shipping date. We will charge your Payment Method with the applicable cost for your Box, along with any shipping and handling costs and sales or similar taxes that may be charged with your Subscription.

To avoid being charged, you must cancel your Subscription in accordance with Section 1.3. We will continue to bill your Payment Method on a recurring basis (depending on the Subscription and Box shipping frequency selected) until you cancel.

1.2 Pausing and Resuming Subscription; Shipping Frequency

Members will be shipped a Box based on the shipping frequency and/or shipping date chosen in their account.

For some Members, PristineCollars may offer the ability to temporarily pause their Subscriptions (“Pause Period”). During the Pause Period, Members will remain active members, but they will not receive any PristineCollars Products. A Member’s Subscription may be placed on a Pause Period for unlimited amount of time.   During the Pause Period, Members will remain a member of PristineCollars, continue to receive communications from PristineCollars via email, but will not be charged any maintenance or Subscription fee. Members who are in a Pause Period may resume receiving PristineCollars Products by logging into their account and resuming shipping either immediately or on their original bill date. You may email any questions about the Pause Period to us at .

For Members who do not have the option to temporarily pause their Subscription, PristineCollars may offer such Members the ability to change their Box ship date. By default, Restock Boxes will be shipped in weekly intervals that you manage. These Members can also choose a specific shipping date for their next Box that is anywhere between two (2) business days and up to three months away. Members that wish to retain their Subscription but have their Box shipped less often than three months must log in to their Member account page at least one full business day prior to your next Box shipping date to extend the shipping date for an additional period (up to three months) for the next Box. 

1.3 Subscription Cancellation

You may cancel your Subscription at any time from the Account page on the PristineCollars website. To cancel a Subscription, click on “Subscription Settings” link at the bottom of the page, then follow instructions towards cancellation. Cancellation requests submitted in this manner must be received at least one full business day prior to your next Box shipping date to avoid being charged for that Box. Cancellation requests received by PristineCollars through other channels may take up to five (5) business days to process. If you have any problems, please email us at