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Prevent Collar Stains With PristineCollars


No More Embarrassing Ring Around The Collar

The perspiration from sweating works like a dye and can permanently stain your collars by penetrating the fibers in the fabric. PristineCollars works as a preventative product that is sprayed on the collar prior to wearing the shirt. This protective barrier prevents yellowing of the collar from perspiration, make-up, oil, spills, sun screen.  Designed specifically to protect your White Collars and safe to use against your skin.

What Is PristineCollars?


Finally, I had issues with my white shirts with ring around the collar forever. So far so good on my new shirts on keeping my collars white – Thank you! Greg 

I have been fighting the yellow collar issue since puberty, white shirts, light colored shirts, probably the dark shirts too but I couldn’t see it, I know, quit wearing white shirts…..not happening, I look good in my white shirts. Have been using their product for 6 weeks and my shirts come out looking good, I’m a loyal customer now...


I love that it is easy to apply to mine and my husband’s shirts. I’m not having to spend hours soaking and scrubbing to get my make-up and his sweat off our shirts. Thank you! Janice


Our Story

We created PristineCollars because of the yellowing on Roger's collars.

As most Cleaning Specialists and Dry Cleaner Experts will tell you, once the stain has penetrated the fibers of the fabric, it is nearly impossible to remove with popular cleaning products or home remedies. That is because the stain works as a dye and changes the color of the fiber in the fabric.

Instead of treating the stain after the fact, why not prevent the stain from happening in the first place. Finally, there is something to protect his white collars and increase the longevity of his shirts.

Terry & Roger

Why Choose Us?

Because we are the only product on the market today designed specifically to protect your White Collars and safe to use against your skin.


~ Water Dirt Stain Repellent

~ Easy-to-use, No Odor

~ 100% Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly

~ Does not affect breathability or color

~ No Harmful Chemicals

~ Increases the Life of the Shirt

~ Easier to Clean

Men suits in a luxury clothing store

Retail Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a Retail Partner or offering our Product as a Service, please fill out our Wholesale Registration Form.

Both Roger and I look forward in partnering with you.

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